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Catering Orders

Looking for a Lunchtime crowd pleaser?

Well we've got you covered, because, who doesn't like pizza?

We think our Catering Orders (minimum two trays and a maximum of eight) are a perfect solution for catering for a larger crowd.


Our authentic, home made dough is raised for between 24 and 48 hours and naturally vegan and while our menu selection changes every two weeks, we always have a mouthwatering choice of vegetarian and meaty topping combinations to please every palate. 

For larger orders we price by the tray.  

2 tray minimum - 8 tray maximum.

Each tray is ten of our regular slices cut in half 'buffet' style for easy serving.

A tray of classic Margherita £30

A 'condita' tray with vegetarian, vegan or meaty toppings £35

(A vegan tray is made without cheese and 100% plant based toppings)

- the 'condita' tray can be:

all the same (ten equal slices of our Salame Milano & Rocket for example) or

a mix and match sampling of all available menu choices,

or anything in-between. Eg. half Mushroom & Stilton and half Calabrese; 

or Two 'conditia' trays (20 slices) ordered as: 6 Caprese, 3 Dolcezza,  5 Salmone, 2 Prosciutto & Grana, 3 Pancedder and 1 Popeye -

The choice is yours.

We kindly ask that our catering orders are booked a minimum of one day in advance.

The current menu is always available and up to date on our website and selections for your order can be made as soon as the menu that coincides with your event is 'live'. 

We are currently offering free lunchtime delivery to all our catering orders.

We are unfortunately no longer able to take catering orders during our evening restaurant service.

Let’s Work Together

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